21st birthday


Getting ready for our celebration of 21 years of youth arts in Whyalla this Saturday.

Thanks to all the ‘originals’ who came along, especially Phillipa Sutherland our founding mother who left her husband in Adelaide after heart surgery and a bout of pneumonia. It would not have been the same without you.


the ‘originals’ and deb

Thanks to the Board who worked hard to organise a great night of fun and festivity. Special thanks to Joanne who has been a stalwart for many years now, she never failed to show up to assist, rustled up a whole gang of crazy friends to come and celebrate and managed to get Noel to crawl around stage on his hands and knees doing, I don’t know what. But I have video footage. Also thanks to Olivia who did a fabulous job with the visual identity, made all those fantastic drawings of the wonderland characters and then went on holiday the week before the party and Pearce who spent the night outside cooking dinner and getting covered in soot. Nice work. A special thanks to Vicki who always turns up to run the kitchen whenever we have something on xxx.


Olivia White and Ryan Cowling at our decorations workshop

A big shout out to the tutors, Rob, Jaimie, Sarah who whipped those kids into shape to provide entertainment and the kids themselves who did a great job.

Finally thanks to all of you that came along and had a great family night out. It was heartwarming to see the kids getting involved and it was a great night.





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